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Comments on Lords of Finance

Every time the gold standard becomes a topic of discussion in a history class, my heart moves into doubletime, I speed read beyond paragraphs on Keynesian economics into socio-political-cultural text, and I hide under the desk to avoid having to speak. It’s crowded under there. I join a rather sizable group of historians and students of history with little or no background in economics, business, or finance.

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Geithner talks about the Bank Stress Test

There’s no dearth of financial news, analysis, and restrospective this week, calendared as the one-year anniversary of the financial crisis.

A little satirical side trip away from this week’s assigned reading, Lords of Finance—real blog post to follow. Of course,  it’s not actually Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, but Will Forte doing the opening skit, Bank Stress Test on Saturday Night Live last May.

(Five-and-a-half minute clip, original air date May 2009, posted on Hulu, accessed September 12, 2009).

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